Thursday, November 28, 2013

Fudge Sisters

Edie and I? Well, she doesn't know it yet, but we...we are fudge sisters.

Fudge sisters for life.

Because I licked the Dutch oven clean. My husband and daughter got one (rather small) spoonful each, and I? I hoarded the dutch oven.

Oh. So. Good.


Not sure what I'm talking about? Me neither, really. Except that she promised that when I made her Grannie's Old Fashioned Fudge and took that first bite of ever so delicious fudge that we'd be connected somehow. And I quote " ...once you eat this, it's like we're blood brothers. But more like fudge sisters. We're for real friends now. This chocolate bond can never be broken."

The crazy thing is? I believe her. This crazy great fudge is good even straight out of the freezer! (I know because I attempted to hide it from myself...)


So when Hadassah and I made it, we thought we'd show Edie that we meant business. If this was a bonding thing, we wanted to really bond. As in, do it just like her. So we took a picture of the Canadian version of her ingredients...just like her...

...buuuut then that's as far as we got. There was a cute little big girl distracting me, so I took a picture of her instead of the next series of cooking and stirring and pouring shots. Oops! I hope this doesn't affect our and Edie...

Her directions were great. Her pictures were helpful. Her fudge? Amazing!!

Can I tell you again how much I enjoyed this batch of sweetness? No? Ok. Overkill, right? Settle down Jen.

But I do want to encourage you in this: If you need fudge - easy to make fudge - good fudge - than make Edie's fudge.


Because there's nothing like being fudge sister's with Edie. Nothing like it. (seriously, you gotta try it right out of the freezer...)

Edie? I thank you. And Grannie. A hundred fold.

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