Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Online Shopping

It can be a lovely thing, really.

You don't have to leave your house. You can shop in your pj's, if you're so inclined. And then, when it's all ordered and confirmed, you just sit back and wait for UPS or FedEx to show up at your door. 

Slowly but surely, Canadian companies are getting into the whole online shopping thing, making it more available and more convenient. And I just recently noticed that RetailMeNot, a great source for coupon codes to score great online discounts, has a Canadian site. For Canadian stores and restuarants. For Canadians. Great, eh! Perhaps it's been around for awhile, but regardless...I'm happy I (re)discovered it. (rediscovered it because I used to use it all the time when shopping online when we lived in the States...)

So my advice would be: Never complete that online order until you've searched for coupon codes. I saved 25% on one of my purchases today! Yay! And apparently 25% is enough of a happy dance moment for me to fly over here and write you a bit of advice. 

And nope, I haven't been asked by RetailMeNot to promote anything, I was just so happy to find it in a .ca version...

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