Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Twenty Fourteen

Hello readers, aka friends. I hope that your holiday season has been a blessing. Ours has been! This is a very busy time for Tim, but he's been working from home a lot and that's rather cozy. Hadassah and I have been relaxing and enjoying a lot of little things together - library books, games, time with grandparents, time with friends. 

And now a new year is ready to be welcomed. What will it bring? Joy? Sorrow? Hope? That's the wonder of believing in a faithful God. He knows what will happen. We know that we can trust Him. 

I read this blog post at Tim Challies blog where he quotes a prayer by John MacArthur. I encourage you to read it! It's an excellent prayer to read and pray for yourself as we head into this New Year. A new year to trust in God and resolve to live for Him, through Him and in Him. 

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  1. Happy New Year Jen! (and Tim and Hadassah)!! Thanks for the beautiful card. Miss you guys!
    Lisa VS



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