Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Ready for some random chit chat? 

We crafted, read, played and watched our cozy little way through the holidays only to have a snow day on Hadassah's first day back to Kindergarten. My little girl is clearly not at the point where a snow day is considered a good thing! Oh the tears! 

Over the holidays we had a frequent, troublesome little visitor. He arrived in the mail, along with a letter explaining his visit. His name is Tutley P. Mouse. (Thanks, Christianne, for the great idea!) And while he didn't get into trouble every day, he certainly gave Hadassah frequent giggles when she discovered him in the morning. 

Here she is, and there he is, as she found him on his first morning with us. Troublemaker!

A few weeks ago Hadassah and I cracked open our next book in line to read of the Little House on the Prairie series. How ironic that we started The Long Winter around the same time as our winter started whirling outside our own door! What I don't get, is that we've finished the book. Why is it still so cold out there?!?! Where is the spring they spoke of? Where's the Chinook?! In fact, it's the coldest it's been yet this winter... -26C. C-c-c-cold!!! Guess we still have to cope with our own long winter! ;)

Our Christmas decorations came down slowly - a bit here and there - ever since Christmas day. And I'm curious about something. Am I odd? Because I love cozying up the house for Christmas and find it a beautiful time of year to decorate. But when it's time to take it all down, I'm relieved. It's like I can breath again! Everything is back in it's place and a lot of clutter is gone. Sigh. Smile. It's weird, right? 

January is known as the big organize your life month, right? Well, I managed to do our attic. See, before I put my Christmas decorations away, I knew I wanted it done in an orderly and organized fashion. And in order to put the Christmas decorations away, I also needed an empty tote, as I may have gained a garland or two through out this season. In order to get an empty tote (without buying any new ones, since I spent enough money on garland!!) I had to go through a few in the basement to see if I couldn't get rid of some unused stuff. So I made a hot mess in the basement, in fact adding chaos to an already disorganized space, but I got my empty totes! They were empty, for a short time, anyway. Now they are neatly filled, stacked and labelled in my attic. Love that feeling. I am also now officially procrastinating. Because now there's the basement...

I just noticed that my blog friend, Sarah, (never met the girl, but she blogs and so I kinda feel like I know her and if we ever met, I'm rather sure I'd like her!) opened up an Etsy shop. Lovely scarves! You should go check it out... Sarah by the Sea Shop.

It's official. My favorite meal is perogies, fried with onions and bacon and served with sour cream. Hands down. Love the stuff! In fact...I do believe it's close to lunchtime......

...told you it was random!

(stay tuned for an addition to SparrowJoy! New Playroom print on its way!)


  1. Is that a famous Van Eyk cake I see?! Yum! ( yup...I'm wierd too. LOOOVE putting the house back into order and "packing up Christmas" ).

  2. I like random posts . . .. and I like the pictures of your little visitor too! Cute.

  3. I just had to comment (I've been reading your blog for a while now... I go to the Hamilton FRC)- I love perogies fried with onions and bacon too! My kids, not so much. Sometimes I make it with sliced up sausages instead of the bacon.

    1. Sausages! Mmmm! I'll have to give that a try... Thanks for the tip! :)



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