Monday, March 17, 2014

Bringing in Spring

The snow has yet to melt, although the sun is really working on it out there. And I decided that just because it's not spring-like outside quite yet, that doesn't mean I can't bring it inside! Time for one of my favorite things - seasonal decor switch up. 

My attic proved to house some spring decor, so a quick trip up that extra set of stairs was a great start to bringing in the spring. But I also squeezed in some retail therapy this week and headed to the Glasshouse in search of some bunnies. I didn't have anything specific in mind, but figured that when I saw them, I'd know. 

And I did! 

They were green (just the right green...) and adorable and I'm quite sure I heard them asking to come home with me. I obliged.

Let me introduce you to Peter...

..and Benjamin:

Despite what it looks like, I am fully aware that rabbits do not lay eggs. But there was a pack of 6 robin's eggs at the Glasshouse too and I just couldn't resist. Love the color! Love the reminder of new life at springtime!

The moss is from Michael's (40% off coupon...of course!) (if you don't have their phone app, you should - you'll never again find yourself distressed about forgetting the flyer!) and what a mess that stuff makes when you pull it out its bag and fluff it up! But it's fresh and lovely and I forgave it.

This sweet little orchid was a birthday present from a friend of mine and I had to include it. (ha! clearly I didn't dust before taking pictures...! oops!)

You know, I do so love my lanterns. Love their readiness to house whatever I feel like. Love their size. Love their wood grain and grey color wash...

I'm classifying them as an investment. A must have. A multi purpose decor item.

And how about one more glance at Peter? Because he's such a handsome fellow!

Between the combination of sunshine streaming through the windows and the spring touches on my mantel, plus the smell of spring in the air and the promise of spring on the calendar, I'm fully ready. Spring, c'mon! We have much to do together...

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  1. Lol @ "rabbits don't lay eggs" :). Peter and Benjamin are definitely spring-mantel worthy..very handsome indeed!



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