Friday, March 14, 2014

No Matter...

It was so nice outside we were sure we could smell spring on its way. And it felt so good to take a great deep breath of it! Then...snow. 

Thankfully, despite the crazy amounts of snow and cold we've had this winter, I still enjoyed the fresh beauty of the crisp whiteness that fell outside our windows Wednesday. Plus, there was the knowledge that spring really truly is right around the corner now. Still, it was more snow. And I needed a bit of...hope! Out came the chalk and a quick scroll through google for a spring quote. 

When you wander into our little hallway at the back of our house, you'll be greeted with this quote full of hope and expectation:

Hope for warm sun, rain boots and dirt under your fingernails. Expectation for the change of seasons God commands in His good and perfect time. Can't wait to see where I planted those daffodil bulbs last fall - I completely forget!

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