Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Amazing Race - Outreach for Hunger Edition

Hadassah has been attending a small, local Christian school this year - the very same small, local Christian school I attended from Gr. 1-8. A bizarre concept? Yes. A blessing? Absolutely. 

Sometime between the first day of dropping her off at school in amazement that we're there in our lives, and now, I was asked to join the Public Relations committee. I said yup, sure. And so far, I've been thoroughly enjoying it. Because what fun there is to be had! A school newsletter to redesign, invitations to AMAZING RACE TO ORGANIZE!!!!!! 

Folks! I love me a great event to organize. And this one? It's been FUN! I get giddy as I think about pit stop locations. I clap my hands like a school girl when I hear a concept for a twist or turn. I giggle when I picture the teammates I've convinced to sign up, doing the task they're supposed to do at certain locations I drive by everyday. Oh, it makes me a happy lady.

A happy lady indeed! 

And you know what's pretty spectacular? Our small, local, EbenEzer Christian school is hosting an event that will benefit a local charity, Outreach for Hunger. I get to have fun organizing. The contestants get to have fun racing. But food and money will be handed over to our local Outreach for Hunger with the prayer that it will be a blessing to someone who needs it. We're so abundantly blessed, and we have this opportunity to share this abundance plus enjoy communion of saints plus have fun. 

Love it.

So. Big question: You doing anything May 31st? That's the big day. 

I do have one problem with this event, though, I must admit. You see, there's no way that I can be at all of the pit stops at the same time. It's beyond my physical limits. But how I'd love to be there at every stop, every clue, every task and watch and laugh and jump and down like a silly. 

Oh the fun. 

If you'd like more information, please feel free to contact me! Leave a comment or shoot me an email - tjbergsma[at]gmail[dot]com. 

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