Friday, June 13, 2014

A Peek at My Office/Crafty Space

I love a good before and after blog post. To see what can be from what was is inspiring to a home decorating lover such as myself.

This is not that kind of blog post.

No folks, this blog post is all about the before. The dirty. (as in dog hair and bits of construction paper on the floor). The messy. (as in crafty stuff and to-do paper piles all over the desk). The unorganized. (as in half of the closet pulled out and scattered hither and yonder on the floor). This is all about where my office was the day I decided something had to be done. Again. 

Because I don't know about you, but my office seems to be a magnet for mess. When it's all neat and tidy, then I can sit back and smile and my eyes actually take note of the shelf display, the fun memories on our bulletin boards and the decorated elements of the space. But when I let my to-file pile grow too large, or not insist that Hadassah cleans up after making a Father's Day card, or forget to neatly tuck away in-progress project stuff, then I get a little...claustrophobic. I like everything to have a home so that we've finished playing with the crayons or pens or Sharpies or cardstock or wrapping paper or birthday decorations, they can do just that. Go home. Out of sight. Leave my long 10' DIY plumbing pipe walnut stained desk free and clear please!! 

Believe me, this is not the first office revamp. Remember my first office tour? This room has had it's fair share of change. (like every other room in this house. Hmmm. Pattern?) So this time I started with one area that's been bugging me for a long time. The closet. Unfortunately, in my determination to get this space started, I started pulling it apart before I remembered before pictures. The picture you are about to see is already far neater than the original.

There were two wire baskets in that empty space on the left with wrapping paper, tissue, etc. pouring out of them. And then somewhere in there were our file boxes and a couple of bags of craft supplies, which you will later see scattered on the floor. Chaos. And most of the stuff on this skinny bookshelf? I didn't even know what it was anymore. 

See? In much need of organization.

A trip to Bibles for Missions, a trip to the garbage bin, and a delivery from IKEA made me a happy woman. But more on that another day, another post. This is all about 'before'. 

Although I can give you a hint...check out this post for part of my closet door inspiration.

The rest of the office? Well. Take a looksee...

Ahhhhh!! So much stuff! Seeing these pictures makes me give a sigh of relief that it's already scads better - but it also makes me want to finish it off and keep it tidy. I can't wait to show it to you neat and clean. You between crafting sessions on Hadassah's half of the desk and design notes scattered all over mine. 

All that being said - I am so thankful for this space! My own little space to work, hang out with Hadassah and enjoy. 

ps: Happy Friday!

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