Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kindergarten: Check!

A mere week ago, it seems, Hadassah was off to school for the very first time. Since her first day of Kindergarten she's been delighted. With her teacher, with her classmates, with the overall school experience. She's skipped out of our car and on to conquer a new school day two times a week for the past school year, and yesterday she skipped for the last time. 

To the Kindergarten door, anyway.

What a fun thing to witness - a summary of your daughter's school year recited in song, memory work, poems and even a play! Tim and I thoroughly enjoyed Hadassah's Kindergarten Graduation, despite all that it meant. (she's done?! already?! how time flies!!) 

The three girls that made up her senior kindergarten class were so excited. Their morning started off with a rehearsal for the program, and then they helped to set up for when family and friends arrived. They, along with their JK classmate, sang their sweet little hearts out, recited for all to hear and even put on "Three Billy Goats Gruff". 

And then it was diploma time!

And then? Then it was family picture time.

Congratulations Hadassah! We know what a blessing it is that you've graduated from Kindergarten in a school that proclaims God as King - and pray that you will always know that blessing too! We praise Him for this day, as we do every day with you.


  1. Wow... Hadassah is getting so big!! Congrats on the Kindergarten grad! :)



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