Tuesday, August 26, 2014

No more tangles, No more tears

No more "Mom's got a hairbrush" fears.

Back to school, along with baby on its way, has me happily crossing things off of to-do lists.

Diapers bought, crib ready, onesies cleaned and ready to go, hospital bag packed.

School clothes bought, new shoes ready, lunch bag cleaned and ready to go, backpack packed...

...and hair cut!

Along with the release of Tangled, my daughter's desire to have really long hair developed. And so her hair was allowed to grow...and it grew and grew. But oh, what an ordeal! When the hairbrush came out, daddy started to cringe, because the tears! The yelps! The drama! Finally, we sat down with her and said "Listen...". A scroll through Pinterest resulted in some haircuts that she was warming up to, and yesterday, away we went. 


Aaaaaand, after:

This is one relieved mom, because she was wonderful through the haircut and she really likes the results! Now, her biggest giggle and thrill is the fact that "No one will recognize me at school, mom!!" 

She also was thrilled to wake up this morning, run a brush through her hair, and not have any pain!!! I, too, will absolutely appreciate the lack of tears and all that hair brushing entailed. Especially as there are few things to check off my "baby's coming" to-do list before the little one makes an appearance. They'll provide lots of their own tears, so if I can eliminate others.... ;) 

Oh, this girl. Love 'er!

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