Tuesday, August 19, 2014

DIY Hairband Holder

Hadassah: Mom, can we do a craft together?

Me: Sure. (wondering what we can come up with today)

Hadassah: What should we do, mom?

Me: Hmm, I don't know. Do you have any ideas? (said cautiously, with a slight cringe, because I know what's coming...) 

Hadassah: Can we build a castle for Gus out of the cardboard boxes in the recycling bin? It can wrap around his bed and we can make those sticky out things on the top with the stuff on it! (I'm assuming she's talking about turrets with flags?) And we can paint it and make it really pretty! 

Me: Uhhhh, no. Remember the last cardboard house we made? It was played in for an hour and then sat and sat and sat for a few weeks. Let's scale down a bit. Something smaller. Something useful? 

Hadassah: Ok. Let's seeeeeeeee...

At this point, I remember that we added a couple of hairbands to Hadassah's collection when we went back-to-school shopping. I also remembered that the previous hairbands never had a very good home. And then I remembered that there was a pin on Pinterest which I thought would work nicely. Plus, it could double as craft time with Hadassah. Here we go...

Crazily enough, five minutes later, I was faithfully producing the hairband holder and Hadassah was creating an airplane for the baby.   ???   Not sure when my craft became too boring...but at any rate, both of us ended up happy. :) She created a gift for her new sibling and I could check something off of my mental to-do-someday list. Want to take a look?

Some burlap ribbon, regular ribbon, a chalkboard sign and a whole lot of hot glue later...

...and her hairbands had a home.

So now they're all ready to wear come the new school year - which is fast approaching! And maybe next time Hadassah won't find my crafting choice so boring! ha!

(For those who are interested, the due date countdown is on! 10 days!)

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  1. Very cute! Hope your last 10 days go quickly! Looking forward to hearing your news!



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