Saturday, August 16, 2014

Listen to This!

There was a mountain waiting for me in the basement this morning. A mountain, I tell ya! Of clean, delicious smelling articles of clothing with one thing in common: Wrinkles. 

I used to have this great habit of listening to something I'd classify as "edifying" while I ironed. During our early married life, ironing and dishes (minus a dishwasher) were two slots of time where I tried to multi-task with radio programs or sermons, since they are completely mindless chores. Perhaps it was the addition of a toddler to our household where that habit slipped (being asked a zillion questions while ironing made it much less of a mindless task!), but slip it did. Somewhere along the line, Revive Our Hearts was replaced with the Keith & Kristen Getty station on Pandora, or another favorite, 100 Instrumental Hymns. 

So this morning as I set up the ironing board and gazed at the pile before me, Hadassah settled into playing with Playmobil. Quietly. And it occurred to me that I could get back into a good habit! Plus, it didn't hurt for Hadassah to hear it in the background of her play, either. Out came my phone, straight to the podcasts and Revive Our Hearts. As I scrolled through the past few days to find out when a series started, I was so excited to discover that they are in the process of re-playing her Joshua series. This was a long series I listened to years ago and learned a lot from. I remember telling Tim that it was such a blessing to learn from her in depth study on Joshua as a character. And now? I get to hear it all over again. So excited about this, folks!! 

Just in case you have a pile of ironing and no toddler to pre-occupy your mind, perhaps you'd like to listen too. This link should take you to the first one of the series on August 1st. Have a listen! I hope you'll find it as edifying as I did way back then, and hope to again this time around. 

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