Monday, October 6, 2014

Emma > 1 mth

A lot happens in one month!
>> From 7lbs 15 oz to 9lbs 13 oz
>> From 20" to 22.5"
>> From drowsy smiles only to Yep, you're smiling at me! smiles

There's a lot I want to remember!
>> How content you look when you get swaddled for bed
>> The big stretch that always happens when you're unwrapped from your swaddle - hands over your head, feet kicking, moaning and groaning in the sweetest way
>> Sweet coos while you eat
>> The way you chat with your sister as she asks you how your day was
>> Your passionate dislike for getting your diaper changed
>> How adorable you look peering over daddy's shoulder at me - head held high

We've savored every moment of this first sleepy, hungry, adorable month, knowing how fast this goes. And she's made it a joy to savor! Happy 1 month girlie!



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