Friday, October 3, 2014

I do believe I promised pictures...

I'm truly not quite sure how it's been over a month since I mentioned that Emma made her appearance! Her arrival has kept me busy in the best kind of way and apparently while I've been pausing to delight in snuggles and coos, the world around me keeps moving! 

And, as household duties beckoned to me yesterday, I discovered that dust bunnies keep growing. 

In the meantime, yes, I have been snapping pictures and am here to share a few with you now. This shot is from the quick morning photoshoot I had, week 2, where I pulled her baby announcement pic from. I'll share the announcement with you soon, but the snail mail version was just placed in the mailbox and I think it only right that the recipients have fun opening it first! 

This little girl has been such a good baby! Combine that with the fact that she's our second, making me far more relaxed, and we have been given the opportunity to thoroughly enjoy this newborn stage. 

She really is daddy's girl - I just love watching him snag her from me because "You're hogging her! My turn!" And Hadassah still loves her "little sisy" to bits, constantly asking to give hugs and kisses because "I just can't resist!" She absolutely loves holding her and keeping an eye on her for me when I'm busy cooking or getting ready for the day. The best part? Emma absolutely loves her back. It's amazing to notice, but she knows when Hadassah is around and chats, coos and interacts as best as a 1 month old can. It'll be so fun to watch the two of them as Emma becomes more and more engaging and interactive!! 

Perhaps not so fun when Emma can steal toys and get into her big sisters stuff...but that's awhile away yet. :) 

From the dimples in her fingers, to her alert blue eyes...from the wake-up stretches every morning, to the content face she makes when she gets swaddled for bed...from the perfect little toes to the head of sometimes cah-razy hair...we kinda like this kid! She is such a blessing - God has given us such joy and we are so thankful to Him for this gift!!! There are so many quiet moments through out the day that I just stare at her with a smile and a prayer of praise in my heart - and I marvel at God's timing, His wisdom...His grace. 

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ps: If you're interested in life-as-it-happens pictures of Emma, Hadassah, and our life in general, check out the ever-revolving photo stream via Instagram by following sparrowjoyjen or by checking them out on the left of this blog.  I may not put a ton of pictures on the blog since Instragram is just so handy-dandy! (who says handy-dandy?!?!)

pps: I've been slowly decorating for fall and loving it! I'll be blogging about it soon...!

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  1. I don't know how you could possibly get anything done BUT snuggling. She's so stinking cute!! LVS



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