Thursday, February 4, 2010

A good investment

Remember these?Project completed. *check* (that's me, checking it off my to-do list. as i've said a gazillion times before...i love doing that!)

I'll have you know that this very pile of Ikea frames has followed me around for a number of years now. I started off buying 6 packs many years ago when I first moved out into what was fondly called "The Hen House". (cannot believe I'm putting that up on the world-wide-web, but like I was called that fondly!)

The first project I made with them was this cool 'floating-from-the-ceiling' headboard. So a grid of these frames (painted dark blue) hung on little hooks from the ceiling. Loved it. Might do it again someday. Wish I had a picture to show. Don't.

Second project was when Tim and I rented our first apartment. I had a couple of months living there on my own before we were married, and one of my decorating attempts was a collage on the wall with a slew of frames I had 'laying around'. It included some of these frames.

Third project was in our present home. I've already used them in a couple of different spots, actually. Once I had four on either side of a large frame, again serving as a headboard of sorts. (Ok, so we didn't have a headboard at all until our recently purchased new bed and so I needed a focus. These frames contributed.)

After purchasing the new headboard, though, they were 'shelved'. But I was a little sad about that. Me and those frames...we have a history. I couldn't do it to them. I had to find a use for them.

Enter red spray paint.

And enter a collage of frames I saw at Kohl's AND Hobby Lobby, each running at $29.99 or so. So I copy-catted them. A little paint, a little hot-glue gun magic, a little abc love and voila! Educational decor for Hadassah's room:Cost? $0.00

Love that!

I'd say that these frames were a good investment. Thanks Ikea!


  1. I've been waiting to see what you were going to come up with. I'm totally impressed! I'ld say those frames were worth every initial penny.

  2. Love it too!!

    and I too cannot believe you mentioned the HH on the web ... though I did find back that larger chalkboard picture frame we had ... and will be putting it to use, once I paint the others to go with it ... and I remember your "floating headboard" too .. ahh the days... :)

  3. that is so neat! I love the primary coloured chair too!



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