Friday, April 16, 2010


Double happy!

Not only did I NOT have to travel to Ontario with Hadassah to visit my parents, (which I would've happily done, but hey, if I can save the four hour trip...) but I also got to have them here for a day! Although already a couple of weeks back, I thought I'd share some pictures from our fun day with grandma and grandpa.

The morning was spent in the pool at the hotel where they stayed. {forgot my camera...conveniently! :) } Hadassah loved it. Almost as much as having a late lunch at Johnny Carino's and spending the afternoon at Fredrick Meijer Gardens.
The popular butterfly 'exhibit' was our first stop. It was a sunny day, so the butterflies were flying everywhere. (they get their energy from the sun...)But I did manage to get a couple of 'still' shots...(or at least almost still...this guy was just about to take off...)Hadassah rather enjoyed showing off all her tricks to her grandparents, and at times, the rest of the people at FMG...Here Tim is pointing out which lake is which. When up and running (it was too cold yet when we were there) this is one of Hadassah's favorite places to go at FMG - the Great Lakes. They fill them with water and bring out the toy boats. Kids love it!Right now I can look out my window and see mini leaves on the tree beside our house. So this picture is technically old. But at the time, there was nothing more beautiful than a budding tree against the bright blue sky! I love to see God's faithfulness in spring! (He never fails to bring spring...)And the end of the day finished well with a good book. Thanks mom and dad for coming down - we really enjoyed it!

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