Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Being a Minister's Wife & Mom

That post title sounds like I am about to bestow some deep, insightful wisdom on how to be those two things, doesn't it?

Well, I hate to disappoint any moms and/or minister's wives out there, but there will be no profound words from this blogger in this post. I'm just a kid when it comes to that stuff myself! Ever learning! But thankfully, there are others who have wisdom to share. And since I've been learning from and leaning on their advice, I thought perhaps you'd be interested, too.

While I'm still making my way through reading "The Family" by Miller, I'm also sidetracking by going through these two books (among others...I'm such a book hopper...!). We studied this book in the bible study for student's wives at seminary:
...but since Tim graduated before we got through the book, I've been finishing it up on my own. There's so much to take in when reading this book, but if you are a minister's wife or are about to marry a minister (or are married to a seminary student or about to marry a seminary student...you get the idea...) then this is a book I would recommend.

And the other one I'm finding very, very helpful when it comes to "catechizing" Hadassah. This one:
It gives me a short version of a catechism question, plus a memory verse for Hadassah to memorize each week - and then there are scripture verses and a short explanatory paragraph for five days of that week. I cannot emphasize how helpful this is! It gives me a direction and guide to teach her, even at the wee age of 3. And there's nothing sweeter than asking "Who made you?", and hearing her say "God!". "Are there more gods than one, Hadassah?" "No, there is only one true God", while she holds up one cute, three year old finger.

Both of these can be purchased at Reformation Heritage Books - which is the bookstore at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, where Tim attended. (wow, that seems oh so long ago...)

And that...is what I'm reading.

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  1. welcome back, Jen :) Thanks for sharing the children's book. I was just trying to think what we could do for the kids now that Sunday school is done for the summer.

    ps. your daughter is adorable, thanks for sharing her with us!



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