Monday, May 30, 2011

wood + screws = sandbox

Wait a minute. There's a bit more to that equation. Start with a mommy's request, then also add in two Mondays, a loving daddy and a blonde little helper.

Because what could possibly be better for the little digger in your life  ("I'll help you garden, mom!") than to have her very own sandbox?!

And...what could possibly be better than asking your sweet husband, while you're building the sandbox anyway, to pretty please include some toy box storage on one side? Please? And thanks so much, babe. 

A few google searches for plans and a trip to Rona resulted in a Monday morning full of anticipation for Hadassah, who was SO excited to help daddy build her her very own sandbox "where my friends can play with me, mom!!!
Woooooowswers. This picture doesn't really do anything for our backyard, does it? Can you tell we now own a dog and that the snow just melted a couple weeks before this picture? (I was pleasantly surprised that the simple addition of a sandbox added to the niceness - because it covered that big dirt patch against the fence!)

Sidenote: I don't know if you can see it, but there's a circle of brand new "baby" grass almost smack dab in the middle of the picture above. There used to be a stone firepit there, but we both decided we wouldn't be using it, so it'd be best to get rid of it. At first we were worried it wouldn't blend, but looking outside today after Tim cut the grass, it blends in just fine. Yeah for kijiji and yeah for grass seed!
Another sidenote: This the first of our backyard that I've revealed, isn't it? Hmmm, perhaps I should give you a picture tour sometime? I know I walked around one day and took before pictures. And we've already done a number of "little things" to spruce it up for now. The coming of spring helps, too! Below shows a corner of the rather awkward patio, and Tim's shed in the background...

As you can see by the smile (and dance) above, this was one happy girl!! It took us most of a Monday to buy the materials and build the sandbox - and the next Monday afternoon we loaded up a borrowed truck with sand and filled 'er. And not only is Hadassah happy as a lark - but so is her mama! Because we are talking hours...HOURS!...of entertainment. Me thinks it'll make this summer quite enjoyable. Plus, it's tucked nicely under a maple, so tons of shade. Couldn't be happier. Not sure what the pool noodle is doing in this picture...but whatever Hadassah imagines it to be would be interesting, I'm sure. Look at all that toy storage! 
Couldn't be more thankful for my husband for making it! Thanks for tackling your first building project just for your girls. Since you did such a fabulous about a castle playhouse for next summer? I found some really great plans online..........


  1. Um, I think Tim and his tools need to make a trip to GR STAT!! Or you could just email me the link to the sandbox plans...:-)
    Looks great! Miss you guys!

  2. this is definitely on our list of things to do as well! If we don't act quickly our veggies will soon be left without dirt to grow in:)

  3. Nicely done, Tim!! Jen, looks like it'll be a fun summer!

  4. Now that is some sandbox! Looks like there's enough room for us to come with all the kids and they'll all stay occupied while we visit... (I walk around your house and ooh and aah :) ) Too bad there's a few too many miles between our sand boxes.

  5. Is there a link somewhere to the sandbox plans. I and my neighbor would like to build one for the kids to share. Thanks.



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