Thursday, June 16, 2011

Living Room Tackle

I recently used a gift card to purchase two new pillows and some decor for our fireplace mantle. Gotta love HomeSense, right?

But that's not the kind of "tackling" I'm referring to. Although I've been wanting to tackle the living room in terms of finding the perfect accent color (in come pillows and decor to help out in that regard), this is the physical kind of tackle that every little girl and her dog enjoy doing to the father of house. The kind that makes me smile even more than a new pillow or a nice mantle. See all the swirls of color around Tim? Well - that's my daughter and my dog. Having the time of their life. And giggling.

Yes. Even Gus giggled. Or at least grinned.

And I'll throw this picture in, too. More tackling. More swirls of color. But you'll also notice in the background a view of my latest fireplace mantle design...introducing my new accent Tim's face was actually being smothered by one of the new pillows, otherwise you'd see my new green in it, too. Note how he's trying to yank Gus away? I do believe tackling turned into licking...!

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