Thursday, February 2, 2012

My very own Wood Wall!

Previous mentioned project still not done.

I know, right? I really should just get 'er done. Or, as Sherry has challenged herself..."Dude, Get On That Already". 

Thing is, this past Monday (a good all around get stuff done kinda day at our place) Tim and I tackled another project. It involved recycling. Good for us, eh? In this case, I can happily say it's an up-cycle. Because boy oh boy does the new location for our basement trim look greeeeat. In my opinion, of course. Fully aware that this is not everyone's cup o'tea. And since it's variety that makes life interesting, it's all good.

Shall we start at the beginning?

Usually basement flooding occurs in the spring, right? Seems logical up here in ON. The sun warms up and makes its way into our hearts, causing smiles and energy everywhere. But it also melts the snow which makes its way into our basements. Sigh.

But this year, autumn was the season of wet for us. Wet. Wet. And wet. And for people who rarely go into certain corners of their basement and then open their basement door one day to peculiar's un-nice. Smelly, wet carpet and underpad. Yu-ck. (this is us, attempting to dry it out. yeah. didn't happen!)
 Out came the carpet and in came the imagination.
Since we need new flooring, we might as well get to the basement reno that was in the distant future. New ceiling. Get rid of that trim, etc. And so, down the trim came (thank you...btw). It piled. It was potentially headed out the door. But then it spoke to me. (I promise you would have heard it, too! ;) It said "ya know, Jen, we don't want to live in a dump. We want to live on a wall. Somewhere in your house. Think, Jen, think. Where could we live? See this? (see pic below) We have so much potential. We could look like.......(drumroll)........this:"
Really. It could.

And it does! But better. Cause it's in my house, instead of Katie's. And we did the work, instead of Jeremy. And working on such a project, well, it makes the end result so...endearing. So with some power tools, a Monday off and a whole lot o' sawdust, we went from this:
To this:
Isn't it fabulous?

Just love how it turned out. Thank you, wonderful husband of mine, for listening to my crazy requests and then actually accomplishing them.

It took about 5 hours total. That's dragging up the saw and air gun, taking off the trim, cutting, measuring, re-installing the baseboard and clean-up.

And to me - that's 5 hours well spent. Free project. Transformed bathroom.

Yup! Worth it.

So while the flooding of the basement wasn't on my top ten list of favorite happenings from did result in a rather exciting accent wall. Good with the bad, right?


  1. Turned out even better than I had envisioned. I like the added little windowsill. Did you have enough trim :)


  2. Thanks ma'am! :) We had plenty of trim - lots leftover. Not enough for another accent wall...but this one is just lovely enough for me!

  3. Very Nice!!! I agree with Elsbeth.. love the little windowsill :)


  4. LOVE it! Turned out great! And I too like the shelf!



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