Thursday, January 19, 2012


Hadassah's door.

It got chalked.

Funny thing is, remember in this post when I teased you with a project I was working on? (way at the end of the post...) Well...this project here? The one I'm writing about? The 'chalked' door?

Not the project.

But somehow, this project was more impulsive and got done sooner. Go figure.

I have this can of chalkboard paint. I purchased it with the intent of making a chalkboard for Hadassah's room with a lovely frame I found at Hobby Lobby ages ago for super cheap. (mentioned here) And I did end up doing that and she enjoyed it a lot. But it never actually got hung on the wall. It turned out to be kinda heavy for our plaster walls, and so it leaned. And I don't mind leaning frames. Fan of them, in fact. But this one was starting to get to me because I couldn't find just the right spot for such a lean.

I've been noticing chalkboard paint making it's way to kitchen cupboard doors and dining room doors and closet doors for awhile now in blogland. And last week it just came to me. Aha! THAT's what I can do in Hadassah's room. Here it was before (I remembered to snag a before shot only after some tape made it's way on the door):

After 3 coats of chalkboard paint, 3 days of waiting (impatiently on Hadassah's side) and 3 minutes to "cure" it by rubbing chalk all over, it was good to go:

Lovin' Hadassah outfit, eh? I knew you would. 
Since it's an 'around the house' day today, she's still in her pj bottoms and she insisted she was cold and so grabbed the (may I insert here: thinnest possible) shirt she has on overtop. Which is on backwards. Kids. Love 'em. :)

She wanted me to take a picture of the top of her chalkboard...the fun I had...and a picture of the bottom...the fun she's had.

May I insert here: The fun she's had so far. She does so enjoy a chalkboard session. From where I sit in my office, I can hear her and Gus playing Doctor. She's telling Gus to open his mouth, and then I hear writing on the door. Hopefully this will turn into many hours of fun for her. And a great place for me to write messages to her, as she learns to read.

Now onto that other project...


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